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Thing 19: Exploring APIs and Apps

APIs and Apps are the transformation agents which make data and services powerful and accessible. These 2 options give you a chance to see how APIs can be applied to either data or services.

Option 1: Hands-on API tutorials
Are you new to APIs and want a hands-on introduction to commonly used APIs, including Twitter and YouTube? Choose 1 API from the Code Academy APIs page and work through the online tutorial to learn more about the API you chose.

Consider: how the APIs could be applied to a dataset to make it more re-usable?

Option 2: APIs for ANDS Services
If your institution uses ANDS services, you might want to use one or more of these APIs to enhance your services.

Explore one of these APIs to get a feel for what the API does and whether it may be useful to your organisation:

  • OAI PMH Provider: Use this API if your system is a harvester which is compatible with the OAI-PMH protocol
  • Research Activity Grants API: provides machine access to research activity information contributed to Research Data Australia such as grants and projects. A light-weight method to query the ANDS Registry for specific information about Research Activity.

Consider: how these APIs could be applied to our repository.

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