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Thing 19: Exploring APIs and Apps

Get hands on with APIs and Queries.  Trove is a free discovery service provided by the National Library of Australia. It provides access to millions of Australian resources including newspaper articles, images and manuscripts. The Trove API enables people to create new applications, tools  and  interfaces using the rich store of Trove data.

1. Start by browsing around the Trove Application Gallery for some of the creative ways people have used the Trove API. Be inspired!

2. To see more of the power of one API, watch this short video (3:09 min). The screen is a bit fuzzy but you can get the idea of this innovative “use your voice to query Trove” API.

Share your thoughts on how APIs could make data more exciting and accessible for more people.

If you have time to get hands on!

3. Browse the introduction to the Trove API.

4. Go the Trove API Console and click on some of the example searches provided. The results are in a machine readable format but look closely and you can see the citation details eg title, date, source, pagination

4. Try constructing your own API query to see what results you get.  Note that: If you want to use them in your own code you'll need to get an API key and add '&key=[Your API key]' to the url.

Consider: the success of your code query - how could you get different results by varying the query?

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