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Thing 21: Tools of the (dirty data) trade

OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) is a valuable open source tool that is similar to Excel but more powerful. You can use it to: record data; manipulate data; clean up dirty data; and to transform datasets.

Option 1: If you are new to OpenRefine

  1. Start by watching introduction to OpenRefine (6 .48mins) to learn how it can be used to clean up messy data.
  2. Now get hands on!  You will need to download OpenRefine and the dataset for this activity. Work your way through as much as this tutorial as you can. The sections covering Facets and Transforming Values will give you a flavour for what the OpenRefine tool offers.

Option 2: if you’re already familiar with OpenRefine and might be ready to share what you know

Take a look through the lesson materials used to teach OpenRefine in either:

  1. OpenRefine in Library Carpentry
  2. OpenRefine in Data Carpentry for Ecology

Consider: Carpentry course Trainers and Helpers are often in high demand. Would you consider becoming a trainer to teach tools such as Open Refine?

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