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All content on this website is owned by ANDS unless otherwise stated.

Reusing material on the ANDS website

ANDS welcomes reuse of its resources to help promote good research data practice.

With the exception of logos or where otherwise indicated, all work on the ANDS website is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution Licence. That means you are free to copy, reuse and share material on this site as long as you acknowledge ANDS as its source.

Credited and supplied images not owned by ANDS may only be reused with the express permission of the original image owner, or with appropriate credit for images licensed under Creative Commons.

Citing the ANDS website

When using ANDS material taken from this website, you must give appropriate acknowledgement, for example:

"Source: Australian National Data Service website ( Accessed 29 February 2016."

Read more about acknowledging ANDS in your work

Website image credits

Third party images used on the ANDS site are credited appropriately in the text or as the image title (visible when users 'mouseover' the image).

Additional image credits for this site

Home page

  • Events calendar icon: Paomedia (Creative Commons)
  • Woman and 23 sign (home page): Carly Webber (Flickr / Creative Commons)
  • Tech Talks 'big data' visualisation: Fernanda Viegas (Wikipedia / Creative Commons)

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